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Now I know why I did not fully understood YT version's ending, I lacked context. X3

I needed to react to this mostly because I do not know how to react to this. Great work.

This gorgeous animation not only is a piece of art but also downright speaks straight into the soul of anyone that has ever wore certain type of attires.

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Fake and gay, the game mechanics are broken, the story is lame, no customizable avatar, this game sucks so hard that teaches a lesson to a lot of us. Congratulations on this great reflection!

Finally made it, took me a month or so but end it; dude, it is too hard to upgrade, and even though the story is to be liked and so are the characters but I think they need a little bit more development rather than just tons of narrative of what happened before. I liked this a lot although I won't be going for + dificulty. (On a non-that-related note You got me worried with that storyline of yours since it has a lot of elements that could be considered too similar to those on a novel of mine, fortunately you wandered off that path) Congratulations

Whoah, that was a tough one, a really creative and smart game, the concept is awesome and the mechanics simple but challenging; you win, the genius is you, congratulations!

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The thing about the ancient and mostly lost languages is that they were made based on songs, the words were chosen from beatiful sounds, therefore, this piece made out of what "souded cool" carries an underlying spirit of ancient times, times when the beaty was not bought on a mall or sold through lies. Moving, harmonious, soothing, gorgeous, congratulations to say the less


The tune, rythm and everything was so retro-styled, well done and put together, the only complain, the voice is too quite, it lacks just a little more volume. Congratulations, great job overall.


Going down on the elevator she used to ride every morning after leaving the hospital's night shift, the silence, the loneliness carving her heart like no other day, a fire on the local orphanage had gave her the worst 3 nights in her life as one child after another died, none made it.
-That's the course of life- Tells to herself
Years as nurse and lately as doctor have hardened her heart, yet, she could not ind any peace by those same words she used everytime before for through her mind the endless mourns of dozens of boys and girls sounded like a chorus of pure sorrow.
Single and orphan too, the 37 years of life felt like a burden to her like never before, unlike anything else she had ever felt, no family to run to, a few collegues to chat but not a single friend, night shift life is a jealous partner.
-One day, one day I'll walk that path too-
As the elevator reaches the street-level floor and she walks out, the sun bathes her as she approaches the exit of the building, but brings her no heat, yet she glances a smile while fading in the crowded street.

Heros with epic deaths after saving the world, or villains that find peace as they depart are sorrowful, and bring us a tear or two, but, do we ever think about the heroes that have to live after a lost battle?, that are thrown away from glory even when they tried their best, even after they gave everything, none of us want to think of them because its too sad, and scary when you imagine how often this might happen, or how would it be to be laike that.

That is what your amazing tune made me think, its sad and nostalgic, so couldn't help myself go as deep as possible on that feeling, congratulations, it's simply a perfect and gorgeous masterpiece.

BlazingDragon responds:

Your thoughts are much deeper than my little piece, I must say.

The point you bring is not one that I have considered before. Surely, doctors, policeman, and firefighters face such realities frequently. It must be difficult to live with the burden of failure and no catharsis in sight. That bleakness fits this piece well.

Thank you for the thought to chew on. I appreciate you taking the time to write.

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Specially do not grab some bad ass jacked-off armed saber-toothed 2-meter-high wolf lady clothes.

What a great use of unexpected means to plan a trip, hehehe, when you hit México (if ever, but I highly recomend so) at least you got yourself one place to crash. I love your art style.

Morthagg responds:

Heh, thanks! I thought, might as well give it a try. And so far no Mexican plans for the forseeable future, but if they arrice, I'll probably make a comic about it anyway ^^

The bloody dude (bloody Yisus is bloody) is bloody right I want my god damned dicounts, because bloody reasons.

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