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Posted by Linhishyra - June 28th, 2018

I do not even have anything to show off today, and mid-week nonetheless, oh dear, how do I compe with so much fame for such a short period of time. This is getiing me very nervous...


For those who drop by, much appreciated mates!


I will be more active these days.


Posted by Linhishyra - October 5th, 2012

I've never, ever, ever... ever. Ever complained or whined abut anything on NG, but a limit on the favourites list is just so...so Facebook, and according to the document Internet Pals (By Jazza) NG is the coolest social network yet, so, I'm asking this to you guys, yes you on the HQ doing the estoopyd stuff we all love, why?, Why in the name of Leo and Satan are you limiting my lists, 750 favourite illustrations on a site that grows by a reason of about 20 pieces a-day, that's just pure evil; if you seriously want to do such thing at least provide us with a way to download a bulk of favourites in a couple of clicks, that shall surely rock.

Yours truly ever since I got the pubs, Linhishyra.

Posted by Linhishyra - December 29th, 2010

A long month passed by in the blink of an eye yet giving me the chance to make what I consider my master piece of drawing (notice I'm only comparing to myself, that so called modesty I rarely use XD) kind of celebrating I've been drawing for ten years now (You won't belive my mom helped me to do the school jobs because I was affraid of doing it all wrong as far as 2nd grade of junior high) which has taught me a lot and made me even dream of achiveing big goals with it.

My tools have been always the Inkscape and GIMP freewares 'cause I'm so-against piracy and couldn't afford (nor want to...) Adobe tools back then; also a good-ol' mouse for tracing (I'm affraid a doctor will make me regret that in the future with an artritis diagnostic) and just recently and for my last drawing only: a tablet (...which arrived a little late so it only helped with the trees and a couple of clothing details).

Drawing has become so important on my life that even sometimes I tought of droping my IT career and start something more artistical, but yet I like programming so those are just my emo-moments XD, back in the old days of highschool I got to draw 3-4 works daily, now-a-days due to work I can hardly make 1 a week, but I refuse to lose practice or quit drawing cause somehow I got myself convinced that I do it great and can even become better; which tells me that so far the popular saying: "Practice makes the master", is one of the most important truths of life, not only a simple saying.

I hope this marks the begining of a new journey on my life because I'll take drawing more seriously now on, I have some goals on my TO-DO list about that which I've been delaying due to lots of things but, now that we are so close to the new year (...and New Sun/End of Time according to the Mayans) I can make this my purpose, to make more drawings like this one (Diana at fountain) so Ican proudly show them to the world. (12 a year sound good for at least makeing a calendar , hehehehe)

I like the anime/manga style the most (over USA comic or cartoon for instance), because of the persue of saying the most with the less lines, therefore I use some authors of manga as model to perfection, like Yukito Kishiro (Gunnm) or CLAMP, but I also love my roots as mexican, and wish always to reflect this love on my works, I procure to draw slightly tanned skin rather than the snow-white mostly used on anime as well as strong and prominent lips and nose, this in order to make my draws as close as possible to my race's features; as per the colour of the eyes, I love brown eyes but I use other colours for theeir meaning on my stories (like the deep blue I used on the draw linked above). So my ultimate goal is to use the art born at the Far East in the most mexica ( Gentilic for the Azteca people, one of the most important cultures of prehispanic Latin America) way, looking forward to make an appealing fusion.

PD.- The title is intended a pun about an article the guys of Top Gear wrote about the only sports car made in Méxcio (The Mastreta MX), which sounded quite funny yet a little offensive for me, hehehehe, (but the fun part won over the political one hands down)

Posted by Linhishyra - October 10th, 2010

I just posted a drawing of one of the characters I've made up so far; she's been around for about 9 years, from a novel I made at high school; she's kind of my type of girl (on of my two types actually) I wish I could get good and bad opinions with this one; I'm looking forward to improve but for that I need to know whats going OK and what sucks; I know the name might be weird and yet kliché; but it was the first novel I made.

Greetings to everyone at NewGrounds :3

Posted by Linhishyra - June 15th, 2010

I just uploaded one of my favourite art works in order to be herad, hehehe, no luck with previous posts at the Art portal since they haven't even appeared on it. I hope this one makes the deal, otherwise I'm almost out of worthy ammo :S.

Hard well-founded critiscism welcome.

Best regards

Posted by Linhishyra - April 28th, 2010

I uploaded a couple more of works hoping to share them with the world but I'm actually keeping the best for last, waiting to be scouted so I can post better works in order to achieve my first short term goal at NewGrounds, ¡¡get a frontpage!!, as my current artist idol here Sabtastic, who I understood had reached that more than once. Greetings to everyone at NG!!

Posted by Linhishyra - April 14th, 2010

Its been less than a month since I started to contribute to my account here but its been years knowing the portal, that's why I'm putting the title without capitals, I'm literally exploring a life on-line, just created a Blog, a Twitter account, and things like that because I found that this are very valuable resources to share important thoughts or creations, for years I avoided it because it seemed that the Internet was completely full of crap with very few interesting/important things to be seen (I mostly refer to communities), but I changed my mind, it took several years, but now I'm here sharing what do I do in my constant persuit of trascendence with the hope it would be useful for someone else. Thanks a lot to NewGrounds.

I'm mexican and love spanish so let me invite all the spanish speakers to visit my blog for other kind of stuff, more mexican oriented, and soon some Java stuff too.